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Tom Coughlin

Emerging Memories Enable the Artificial Intelligence Market

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates

Various types of AI require a lot of storage and memory for training sets and also for inference engines.  Fast non-volatile memory provided by new technologies such as MRAM, PCM and RRAM are poised to play an important role in the growth of AI for a great many applications.  This talk will look at these memories, the roles they plan in AI work and projections for their growth to support AI on endpoints, at the edge and in the data center.

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates is a digital storage analyst and business and technology consultant.  He has over 37 years in the data storage industry with engineering and management positions at several companies.  Coughlin Associates consults, publishes books and market and technology reports (including The Media and Entertainment Storage Report), and puts on digital storage-oriented events.  He is a regular storage and memory contributor for and M&E organization websites.  He is an IEEE Fellow, President of IEEE-USA and is active with SNIA and SMPTE. For more information on Tom Coughlin and his publications and activities go to